Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sea Story, Army Type, One Each

Bothenook asked if there were any memories of cooks. Now i can't bust out the sea stories about cooks, but i can talk about the cooks we had in my National Guard unit. i can honestly say that none of these cooks met a bottle of booze they didn't like.

To give you an idea, while my unit was in the field during annual training, the MKT (mobile kitchen trailer) was set pretty much in the center of the position so it wasn't hard to see it. Anyway, the E-6 that was running the mess section stumbles down the stairs, walks over to the corner of the MKT and proceeds to "water the tires", all in full view of the unit. Me and the rest of my section watched this idiot and decided that eating MRE's was a much better idea from then on.

The reputation of this E-6 wasn't lost on anyone in the unit. During another field exercise, while coming through the MKT for morning chow, the same E-6 cook was behind the grill, making eggs to order. He saw me and my section chief come into the trailer and smiled, showing us his three good teeth. "Morning Sarge! How would you like your eggs?"

Without hesitation, my section chief answers, "Not touched by you, you @%$#."

Ahhhh, memories.


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