Saturday, August 06, 2005

Interfax Updates

Interfax continues to be *the* source for the word from the Russian Defense Ministry.

A quick summary:
-British and American ROVs are on scene, and being transported to the accident site. Russian naval deputy chief of staff Rear Adm. Vladimir Pepelyayev says rescue ops with the ROVs could begin as early as 2000 Moscow time (noon EST).
-Still awaiting word on wether they decided to try and blow up the chain that holds the AS-28 to its 60 ton anchor
-The crew is still ok, and in contact. Their air will last until Aug 8 it is now estimated. The increase is probably due to the crew remaining sedentary - the trapped guys are rescue professionals, they knew what they had to do to increase their chances. The is quite cold down there with power secured (5-7 deg Celsius - 41-45 degrees F), but not yet deathly cold.

So, things are looking hopeful. Frankly, this crew has the highest probability of survival - they are a rescue team themselves. The Russians were timely in asking for help, and the British, Japanese, and Americans were quick to respond. I remain hopeful, and we should have some information soon.

We are all waiting anxiously - all submariners are allies when faced with the unrelenting sea.


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