Saturday, August 06, 2005

Progress at the site of the Bathyscaphe

ITAR-TASS reports that:

Rescuers succeeded in pulling up the AS-28 mini-submarine and started raising it at the depth where divers could reach.

The Russians also noted that:

A British Scorpio underwater vehicle will begin the operation to rescue the crew of Russia’s AS-28 mini-submarine at 00.00 Moscow time
(about an hour from the time of this post - a little bit of a slip to the right)

And, along the lines of Vigils' post below:
The 13.5 metre-long mini-submarine is trapped by the fishing net and an anchored antenna of a coastal monitoring system.

So, perhaps they first got entangled in a fishing net, and then, while trying to free themselves, drifted into the antenna's anchor line? We will know soon enough.

Nonetheless, positive progress is being made. It is looking better and better for the seven men trapped aboard (actually 6 officers - 5 for the mini-sub, one staff officer; and someone from their design bureau)


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