Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Submarine Website Archive Project

With the closing of so fresh in our minds and following related posts in the forums, I’m stepping up and doing what I can to help archive submarine-related websites.

For right now, the scope and process of the Submarine Website Archiving Project (SWAP) is pretty simple. If you’re a webmaster (or used to be one and still have your files) you can send them to me and I’ll archive them to CD-ROM.

I’ll then store the archive CD’s and make them available when anyone requests them by either sending them a copy of the CD or making it live on the web for a short time. Eventually, I’d like to expand the so that I can host archived web sites 24/7, making them accessible all the time.

I’ll list the archived web sites at so that people know what’s there.

Since the idea for SWAP was just hatched in my brain this morning, there are some details that need to be worked out. First and foremost, the rights to each archived web site would be retained by the original owner. I’m not assuming ownership by archiving the sites, I’m just the guy who is willing to help hold on to them and store them.

If another archive project is started and makes more sense, I’ll step aside and let them run with the ball, but until then, I’m willing to step up.

If you want to help run/support SWAP, please contact me. I’m sure several heads behind this thing would be better than just one.

So, if you’re a webmaster and you want your work archived, I’m here.


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