Friday, September 30, 2005

Updates on International Sub Fleets

Singapore:  Looking to add two Vastergotland-class subs to its fleet (unsure if they will be of the Södermanland variant or not – none of which should be confused with the Gotland-class.  Head hurt yet?)

Taiwan:  Balking at the Sub purchase deal with the US.  I can’t say that I blame them – the plan is to purchase German (I believe) designs, and have the US build them for Taiwan.  With all those different potential transactions, the price has skyrocketed.  However, no other country in the world seems likely to build subs for Taiwan, so, even though the US doesn’t currently build diesels, it is America or not at all for Taiwan.

Russia:  Don’t be fooled, the Russian bear isn’t toothless yet.  She has built and (finally) successfully tested a new Ballistic Missile for her sub fleet.  That, coupled with her new boomer class in development, keeps her firmly in the #2 spot for underwater power projection.

(H/T to The Sub Report for some of these articles – can’t remember which – CRS ;-} )

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