Friday, December 29, 2006

Submariners lost off the coast of England

More from the BBC:

Two crew members of an American submarine have died after falling overboard in Plymouth Sound.

They were among four crewmen who were working in poor weather on the outside casing of the USS Minneapolis-St Paul off the Devon coast.

It sounds as if they were topside rigging for dive:

A spokesman for Brixham Coastguard said: "The four got into difficulties while on the outer casing of the submarine.
"They were unable to get back on board, they were tied on but getting battered about by the weather."

The American nuclear-powered submarine, which is based in Norfolk, Virginia, was leaving the harbour at the time of the incident

Rigging for dive - plenty of people jostling about topside, trying to get a lot done quickly, but all thankfully harnessed. However, as this proves, the harnesses are not protection against everything. We had an OOD get swept off the bridge, and get beaten up bouncing against the side of the sail - thankfully no more than bruises and sprains for him. Getting beaten against a metal hull by an unyielding sea is not something the human body was designed for.

A little more detail from a Norfolk news source, via this Fark thread.

More details at The Sub Report and The Stupid Shall be Punished.

Original Post:

From CNN:

Two U.S. sailors were killed after falling overboard from a nuclear-powered submarine as it left the southern English port of Plymouth on Friday, the U.S. Navy said.

Two other sailors who fell overboard from the USS Minneapolis-St. Paul suffered minor injuries but were later released from hospital, a spokesman for the U.S. Navy's 6th fleet in Italy said.

Clearly, still developing, as this just occured today.

Our hearts and prayers are with the crew and families.


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