Friday, February 01, 2008

Up Scope: Small Town Development Company has a Mast of Ideas for Military Applications

My Home Town, Titusville Florida is small by most town comparisons, but being located next to the (KSC) Space Center we are graced by an array of high technology companies both small and large in the surrounding area. Tonight at TITUSNites, a monthly community event, I ran into George Woodruff Director Of Geo Systems Inc, in which he had one of his products a SAM (Situational Awareness Mast) on display.

Mr. Woodruff states that this incredible compact robotic device has the interest of the U.S. Military from applications in Army Tanks to Navy Seals and Submarines. Touted on the Company website as the The worlds "smallest" mast that can extend to the "tallest", the mast can be outfitted with sensors, communication devices and scopes for both Military and Civilian uses. This rugged piece of gear made from stainless steel and aluminum, can be deployed in both harsh combat zones and undersea environments on manned or unmanned vehicles.

Just a short stroll down the street and you run across people with big ideas and equipment that keeps are warfighters and ships just one more step ahead of the enemy.

Be sure to check out for more information on their Company and Products.

Eric Ryle
Submarine News


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