Monday, April 11, 2011

Submarine Currency

From a reader:
I am a current JO who just came back from my first underway. One thing that I observed is that energy drinks have become the new "currency" on board. Need a hair cut or some paperwork by the end of the day? A 5 Hour Energy, Monster, or Red Bull will help get the job done quickly. In addition, the value of these items increased as the patrol wore on. I would be interested to hear from the group regarding how things used to get done (cigarettes, coffee, hard candy...)
What was the most popular "currency" on your boat?

Happy Birthday to the United States Submarine Force

111 years ("eleventy-one", to quote Bilbo Baggins). The most potent and deadly force any Navy has ever fielded. Submarines can hunt surface ships, other submarines, attack land targets, perform surveillance, insert and retrieve special forces, and devastate entire nations. And they do it all from underwater, undetected, where they can stay hidden nearly indefinitely.

The most fearsome force in the world, more so due to the truth of their nickname...the "Silent Service".