Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Argghhh! Discusses the San Fran Grounding

Originally posted 2209 08 Feb:

Over at the excellent mil-blog Arrgghhh! they have a post up summarizing their thoughts on the San Francisco grounding and subsequent fallout.

Update 1515 08 Feb: As part of my continuing effort to learn about manipulating my blog, I've hidden the comments for this post, for no apparent reason.

Update 1821 08 Feb: In order to answer Ninme's concerns of a vast government cover-up, I've restored the comments. Nothing's been changed... really... you can trust me... ignore those three deleted comments... just typos and such. Actually, if you're really concerned, you can E-mail me and I'll tell you what happened, or you can go to the revised entry at Arrgghhh! and probably figure it out for yourself...


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