Thursday, June 09, 2005

anyone notice the spook that slipped in?

these guys are sneaky. no formal intros, just post to a post below.
ha! not be be outwitted by a spook, i've exposed him for the whole world!.
hiya rob. please come back and post whenever. always looking for fresh meat, uh, i mean, fresh faces.


At 12:15 AM, Blogger Rob said...

Can he make good pizza?

I only ask because we once had a "fu**in rider" who we wanted to keep for an MS! This guy was a pizza making madman...turns out he'd had a job in his "previous life" in a pizza joint in New York City. He was a "spook", but put our cooks to shame...missed his calling. His only problem was being 6'4" on an SSN!

At any rate, welcome aboard, Rob (and remind me to tell you of the time on my first boat where the name issue came up...division of 8 sailors, 4 of us named "Robert"...nukes, too, so easily confused...)


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