Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Carter Letter To BRAC Had Impact

The New London Day has published the transcript of comments by the BRAC commissionsers.

If you thought that the Jimmy Carter letter might have come too late in the game to have any bearing on the decision-making process of the commissioners, you were mistaken:

Former Congressman James H. Bilbray, Nevada

“I'd like to also associate my comments with General Newton. This is a big issue with this commission. There have been a whole series of former admirals that came in and talked to us, and I can't remember any one of them supporting the premise to close New London. In fact the most senior former official, former President Jimmy Carter, sent a letter to the commission as a former Navy man in opposition to this, against his own state of Georgia. I think that's very important, and I will also vote not to close New London.”

Be sure to read that full transcript, as it's quite interesting to see what the commissioners had to say.

UPDATE: Today's (8/25) Atlanta Journal-Constitution has an article on the "Carter Effect."

(Hat Tip: The Sub Report)


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