Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"Mission Complete" Update

Comparing this thriller to Tom Clancy's Hunt for Red October in an earlier post was accurate, but here are some important distinctions:

+ Audience: While Clancy's novel was written to appeal mainly to 'piss and vinegar' adolescent males, ripe for navy recruiting, Capt. Wigley's Mission Compete appears written for a more refined audience, like the frequenters of this blog. Several topics that have been discussed here at Ultraquiet No More are topical in his plot. Was Wigley reading our blog? If he has, he disagrees with some of the pithier comments presented.

+ Navigation: Three, consecutive pages are devoted to responsibility for selection of and proper usage of the correct chart, including regular comparisons of ocean depths throughout the book. Will this book be required reading at PCO training, which is also mentioned?

+ Weapon: USS Jackfish's CO maintains a .38-cal S&W in his safe.

+ Quotations: A few of our visitors have been inclined, like the 29-year, active service, submarine veteran, to insert quotations into his descriptions for emphasis. Capt. Wigley ('55)uses Churchill and Thucydides.

+ Diesel subs: Unmatched silence at low speeds.

+ Fiction mixed with fact:
The 'Jackfish' (SSN-945) class appears to be a composite of the 688I, the Triton, Sturgeon and maybe, the Akula.

CO lost overboard near Golden Gate bridge.

The ship's lead steward is repeatedly called a "stewart." Clancy had superb editors.

MK 56X nuclear torpedo, Axehandle nuclear MIRV Tomahawks. Well, that's enough. Cannot discuss the plot, but bet you will not be able to put down Mission Complete before you have finished reading it.

What happened to Mutually Assured Destruction?


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