Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Sea Story

This is no shit 

Way back when Betamax was the height of technology in entertainment on submarines, we of course practiced the age old practice of making our own entertainment, at shipmates expense.

Why anyone would admit to going on a diet while underway is beyond me. Just say you want to be a target, maybe said individual was attention starved. In any event….

Said MM2 began his diet by fasting. Well, his friends, it’s always your friends, every other day took a little snip off the ole web belt. Just one little fabric line. Soon, the hero of our story began to notice his belt getting much tighter, even though he was eating nothing.

What would you do? Our hero goes to the corpsman, who of course is in on the joke. The Doc’s advice? Eat as much as you can for the next 5 days, your stomach is swelling from lack of food.

Well, that was the diet to gain the fastest 5 lbs. you ever saw.


At 9:40 PM, Blogger Bubblehead said...

We did the same thing to the Nav on our first deployment, except we brought along five extra belts of different lengths... he "gained" and "lost" weight in a seemingly random fashion, and it was fun to see his portion sizes flucuate depending on which belt we gave him that week...

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