Sunday, October 09, 2005

Where Is the NAV-ET? UK Nav Officer Avoiding Wrecks

Here is a link to an interesting post with a photo of HMS Trenchant's (S91) Navigation Officer, Lt. Gareth Jenkins, plotting a course on a chart with 200 plus wrecks in the shallow waters of the continental shelf. Hmm, we used to do that on our own SSNs. Nice work RN.

Trenchant is one of the Trafalgar class nuclear subs, the UK's most advanced until introduction of the Astute class (originally known as Batch 2 Trafalgar) with a modified front hull.

Should the US press RN navigators into service aboard SSNs? British captains once boarded American ships and pressed American sailors into service, claiming merchant seamen were deserters from the Royal Navy. France and Britain were at war, but British captains "impressed" 6,200 American sailors. HMS Shannon engaged USS Chesapeake and killed or fatally wounded most of Chesapeake's officers, including Capt. Lawrence (whose dying words were "Don't give up the ship"). On June 19, 1812 the United States declared war on Britain to defend the principle of "free trade and sailor's rights."


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