Saturday, October 22, 2011

Veteran home leased out for decades while vets left homeless

LA vets demand housing at giant VA campus

 The West Los Angeles property -- some of the most valuable in the nation -- was donated in 1888 to "establish, construct and permanently maintain" a branch of a national home for veterans, according to the original deed.---The VA saw fit to lease parts of the property to several businesses. In September, the VA canceled three leases after rising criticism. But other entities remain on the property including a public golf course, a college baseball stadium, a theater and practice fields for the exclusive private Brentwood School.
Seems the lease money was far more valuable to the VA than actually taking care of veterans. Hmm...why don't we have a department of the government that exists to take care of vets, anyway?

Oh, wait, that IS what the VA is supposed to do...not be in the land leasing business. Silly me...