Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bubblehead's USS San Francisco Grounding Posts

Posted 2220 07 Jan 2006: The posts below, in the May archives of Ultraquiet No More, are a collection of posts I had put up over the last year at my home blog, The Stupid Shall Be Punished, on the subject of the grounding of USS San Francisco (SSN 711) a year ago today. In chronological order, you can read how one retired submarine officer reacted to the biggest public submarine story since the sinking of RNS Kursk, and how others reacted to it as well. Either in the title of the post, or in the first line, there should be a link to my original post. Many of the links within the posts are dead now; in some cases, I replaced them with new links, and in others, the dead links remain.

The main thing that I took away from this tragic story was a reaffirmation of the wonderful brotherhood that exists between shipmates on a submarine -- something non-submariners probably can't fully understand, but I hope they will a little better after reading these posts.

As always, my posts on the San Francisco grounding are written while holding firm to the memory of MM2(SS) Joseph "Cooter" Ashley -- beloved by his shipmates, and honored by submariners everywhere.

Thanks for reading,
Joel Kennedy -- "Bubblehead"


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