Monday, June 06, 2005

Manuvering, Anchor Station....

With all of these great sea stories, I see that I'm soon going to have to tell the story about another near catastrophe that I experienced. No, not the toxic gas story, nor the major reactor no-no. This one featured a panicked young Ensign (me) making the following 2mc report: "Manuvering, Anchor Station. The anchor has slipped four fathoms! Request all stop!"


At 4:58 PM, Blogger The Rev. Justin said...

Speaking of anchors... If any of you want to go get one, head on over to Maui. Maybe a mile off shore. We left ours there. We being the Honolulu 718.
A nukes worst enemy besides NR, the dependents cruise. We had managed to win majority and cancel any such cruises for 3 straight years, but the Cap's wife finally exercised her power and we we're off to Maui for 3 steamin' fun days while the cones got to have their fun.
I can't complain too much since we DID get to go ashore for a day and a half. And I DID get to cruise Maui and get back before our anchor got STUCK, we DROPPED the rest of it and returned to go old Sierra 11. Leaving about a THIRD of the crew BEHIND with our WHOLE anchor.
Now that was a cruise to remember, especially for the 3 guys that missed the second half liberty boat and didn't get to shore at all.


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