Wednesday, June 01, 2005

welcome to our new digs

well, here we are, thinking and writing about submarine stuff.

my first contribution is about the EY circuit alarm on the SSN-575. follow the clickity click
any old seawolf sailors out there with bitch in the box stories, feel free to leave as comments, or email to me and i'll get them incorporated into an EY circuit memories post.

submarine particulars: MM1(SS), USN 72-81, SSN-575 74-81. Nuclear Shift Test Engineer (Code2340) MARE IS Naval Shipyard 81 until base closure. Qualified Nuke Eng. on S1W, S2Wa, S3G core 3, S5W, S6G, and S6G advanced. Been There, Done That.

anybody have submarine shipyard stories worthy of sharing? let me know.


At 11:10 AM, Blogger greg said...

I served on the Seawolf from 1985 to decomm. She was a great ship, a lot of TLC but a great ship. I served mainly on 637 class but when you went below on the seawolf it was like going back in time. Powder blue control room color made it very relaxing.We did that in 85 ( i think) as a test study. I was a pain to do but it worked.


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