Thursday, July 21, 2005

Commissioners BRAC off from Pearl Harbor

The Pentagon had not included Pearl Harbor, with its multifunctional repair and maintenance facility, on the closure list because of its strategic location in the Pacific and its capability to dock nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.
Pearl Harbor was one of the largest military installations the commission considered for the BRAC list. But the nine-member commissioner voted 5-4 yesterday to save it.

The insider word was all about location and fleet concentration.

Our CO made it clear...there's another BRAC round a few years down the road, and the efficiency numbers need to make a big change if the previously "safe" yard in Pearl wants to continue to feel safe. A compelling argument in favor of BRACing Pearl was that the facility could be much more efficiently run by a civilian entity (i.e., Newport News)...and the local civilian workers here would likely get jobs, but the often cushy and generally ultra-secure government jobs would be gone.

Hopefully the BRAC scare will scare some efficiency and trim some major "fat" here.


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