Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Russian Admiral Baltin's Priz and Kursk Comments Recall Cold War Intrigue

Admiral Baltin has consistently criticized Russia's naval command for inviting Western assistance. He appeared more concerned for compromised security than the jepardized crews lives. The ex-admiral believes the Priz was trapped while inspecting an underwater system to detect if Americans had planted bugs on it. Baltin, himself a submariner, once commanded the Kursk. Before his retirement Baltin commanded Russia's Black Sea Fleet and became a Hero of the Soviet Union.

And his Kursk comment was even more interesting, remember.


At 2:12 AM, Blogger Michael Hammerschlag said...

"Inspecting for American bugs"- sure, what else would they be doing there. But would we still bother?

Even the Brits alternated back and forth with "1 inch steel cables" and "only fishing nets", so I believe that agreeing to the net story was conditional to allowing them to attempt rescue. Brits are far more ammenable to disinformation (remember the nuclear submarines patrolling Falklands days before they arrived in '82 war). Americans presumably said "no way", and found their wait for a ship infinite. This is only a guess, but my analysis of situation, from amount of air they had to length of time they were down (3 hours off official) have been pretty on the money.

Think about the madness of flying 3 ROV's 5000-7500 miles, only to sit impotently on the pier, and the recriminations if the Scorpio 45 broke down and those guys perished.

Trout is correct- the automatic tendency to lie is so ingrained in officials there that they will continue even after other officials admit the truth, leading to contradictory ping-pong reports.

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Vigilis said...

troutjacki, Molten Eagle has been out-voted in your favor! He is still open-minded, however, and as Mike H. asked, would we (the U.S.)still bother to bug the Russians?


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