Sunday, August 07, 2005

When Drama Goes Unrecognized

First, as a former submariner who, like many, has faced the possibility of losing my life in a submarine, let me offer my heartfelt thanks to those involved in the rescue of the Russian mini-submarine this weekend. While I did not get to follow this story as closely as I would have liked, it was never far from my mind. I was very relieved to learn that the rescue was successful. I can imagine the fate that could have befallen the crew and would wish it on no one.


And speaking of imagination, I wish to address an interesting post on mainstream media (MSM) coverage of the mishap and rescue earlier today here at Ultraquiet No More.

Alex Nunez asks why a story like this one, with its obvious human interest and dramatic elements, apparently failed to capture the imagination of American journalists. As he points out, and even the briefest perusal of Ultraquiet No More will indicate, there was plenty of information out there with which to craft an interesting story. Government secrecy would not have been a major obstacle.

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