Thursday, November 03, 2005

Two interesting sub sites and a pack of DVD's

I got an email recently from the maker of the film "Regulus: The First Nuclear Missile Submarines", and he passed on these two sites:

The Regulus Missile and Regulus Submarine Website

Periscope Film

(They are both hosted on AOL, but I'll forgive that one :)

He's offered to send along some complimentary DVD's for review (and I'll be more than happy to pass 'em along to the rest of the Ultraquiet crew). They are also available at Amazon.

From his email, here's a short listing of what he's put out:

This year I got diligent about making this a reality, and this past week my partner Doug and I have just launched the third of five planned submarine film DVDs. This new one is called "The Cold War Below" and it features six rare films from the Polaris submarine era. It joins two other DVDs we've already released, "The Nuclear Pioneers" (Nautilus, Triton and Tunny) and "The Silent Service in WWII". (The other titles in the series, to-be-released soon, "Anti-Submarine Warfare" and "The Cutting Edge.")

Sounds historic!


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