Sunday, November 20, 2005

Waiting, Watching and No Telling (Updated)

How well does the average American read between the lines? Research tells us that the average reading level is at the 7th or 8th grade.

Remember, the question was how well do average Americans read between the lines. If, on average, Americans read at even the 8th grade level, 50% of the surveyed Americans do not read well enough to find a single piece of information in a short publication, nor make low level inferences based on what they read. What about the other 50% (us)?

Reading between the lines requires putting together information, perceiving relationships and making inferences.* Legally, we are not required to do this, and public education gives it little emphasis. Submarines have been called "Always Silent and Always Strange" (by yours truly). Test yourself on ability to read between the lines on the following:
Baxter's Column, USCS Log, November, 2005
"After further inspection it was discovered that more damage occurred than originally thought." The housing for towed array was 'crumpled'. Some sound absorbing tiles were naturally strewn asunder. The rest of the damage listing is described as 'fairly long'. - Hank Baxter Baxter's Column, USCS Log, November 2005.)

Submarine involved in September collision returns home
"She obviously came 8,000 miles back so she does everything she needs to do and was able to answer the bell and accomplish all tasks, .... the submarine suffered minor damage to the deck, rudder and stern that will require about a week of repair work. Navy officials said they're not sure where they'll send the submarine for final repairs."Capt. Robert J. Brennan, commanderSSN-690

Electric Boat says it will lay off 150
The layoffs will occur early next year, the company said. The Philadelphia, which is based in Groton, returned to the base Wednesday after a five-month deployment marked by a Sept. 5 collision with a Turkish cargo ship in the Persian Gulf. The planned maintenance and repair was not associated with the moderate damage done to the boat in the collision.

EB layoffs are downside of BRAC process
The USS Philadelphia, homeported in Groton, will travel to Portsmouth for its overhaul, and you can be sure that Portsmouth will get more repair contracts.

UPDATE (11/23): KITTERY, Maine --A decision to repair a nuclear submarine at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard instead of at privately owned Electric Boat in Groton, Conn., will save the U.S. Navy $59 million, a Navy spokesman said.
Good luck! As the title says, I will not be giving out any answer. Once Silent Service, always Silent Service.

* inference - a conclusion or logical judgment based upon circumstantial evidence and prior conclusions rather than direct observation.


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