Thursday, November 17, 2005

Rogue Trident: A Novel

[Crossposted from Unconsidered Trifles] Fellow submariners will recognize this situation: it's late in a midwatch and (just when you think it will be another uneventful night of staring at dials and logbooks) someone in Maneuvering asks a question out of left field that starts a long, enthusiastic conversation--often with someone chiming-in that "that would make a great novel!"

Well, one former USS Kentucky (SSBN 737) officer had precisely that experience--and acted on it!
Hindinger was passing time by talking with others during a mid-watch in the 1990s aboard USS Kentucky (SSBN 737). He then found himself kicking around the question, how, if a Sailor lost his marbles, could he steal a submarine? The question made for some good fodder during the watch for his shipmates, but Hindinger took the question further and wrote a book based around the discussion.
Now, a decade and 20 re-writes later, John Hindinger has a novel out: Rogue Trident. As a matter of fact, he's already (in two months) finished the sequel to this book!

And how many submariners can relate to this as well:

Following his time on USS Kentucky, Hindinger set about the process of writing the book and initially used it as a way to kill time.

''Writing helped relieve boredom while I was on shore duty,'' said Hindinger. ''I started out writing science fiction and started this book in 1996.''

Good for him! Way to act on those inclinations, work hard, and see a dream come true.


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