Sunday, January 15, 2006 Daily News Roundup 1-16-06

UK: Undercover troops face added danger as special sub is scrapped

Brothers keep Navy tradition

USS Trigger (SS-237) Bell at Christie's for Auction
(Hat Tip: Rontini's Submarine BBS)

Battleship Memorial Park with submarine USS Drum re-opens in Mobile

CA: Conservatives to boost military in Atlantic Canada
(Canada's Subs: Indepth)

Video: The Wreck Hunters: Dive to the Wreck of the USS Bass

USS Bass B-2 (Photo Source: US Navy)

Blog: Iranian Mini-Sub Update (Blog Source: The Stupid Shall Be Punished)

Martin Luther King Day profiles:
Captain Bruce E. Grooms, USNA 81st Commandant of Midshipmen
First African-American submariner to serve as USNA Commandant.

(Photo Source: US Navy)

Dr. William Alexander Jackson Ross
First African-American submarine doctor in U.S. Navy history.

William F. Bundy
First African-American to serve as Commanding Officer of a conventional attack submarine .


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