Thursday, May 04, 2006

Boot spray manufactured by Canadian company responsible for sickening lumberjacks and killing kittens

Is it a sad testament to being a submarine nuke that the first thing that came to my mind upon reading the above headline was "what does cooling water to a turbine exhaust boot have to do with lumberjacks?"

What everyday phrases trigger the weird "you've been a submariner/nuke too long" thoughts in you? (And don't even try to say you've never answered your home phone with "Maneuvering, Electrical Operator" or "Wardroom, Duty Officer", either...I know better...)


At 1:21 PM, Blogger bothenook said...

rob, there isn't a nuke out there that hasn't carried some sort of crazyness with him.

hell, i still sleep with one arm tucked under my head, and one foot under my knee just so the rocking of the boat doesn't toss me out of the rack.
drives my wife crazy


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