Monday, April 03, 2006

Captain's Untimely Death Raises a Question for You

Just weeks after retiring from the RN, Captain Jim Boyd, 54, collapsed and died of a suspected heart attack. One of the Royal Navy's most experienced commanding officers, Boyd's funeral was scheduled today.

Captain Boyd had joined the submarine service in 1973. His last posting was as Captain of the Faslane Flotilla, where he had been responsible for the operational capability of all the ships and submarines based at HM Naval Base Clyde. The captain had served successfully in Greenland, Iceland, the Gulf and Singapore. Among his achievements was being one of the flrst commanders of a Trident V-boats. Rear Admiral Nick Harris, the flag officer for Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland, paid tribute to the "very popular officer', stating: 'Jim was well known, much respected and liked by all.

Fair winds, good Captain Boyd, and our sincerest condolences to your family.

This premature death recalled my first day aboard submarines. The COB then gave me a private tour, administrative orientation and introductions to those aboard. Along with a few specifications and a little history of the particular, nuclear boat, he imparted insider information, a bit of which stayed in memory archives never recalled again ... until now.

"For every ten years of submarine duty, knock two years off your normal lifespan", he stated.
We would hear this infrequently later on other vessels and from other people. Lubber's Line would probably have heard it, too. Where on Earth did that little item originate? We never found out for certain, but we expected it might have come from that USNA nuke we had heard about, who had been involved earlier ... his name? Lt. Jimmy Carter.

If anyone is able to shed more light on this baffling revelation, kindly share it.


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