Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tall Ship Greets Texas

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This morning's Houston Chronicle reports that the Texas (SSN 775), our nation's newest submarine, will be commissioned in Galveston this Saturday.

The submarine was led into Galveston's harbor Monday by the tall ship Elissa, as shown above.
"Galveston and history meet again," said Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas, who joined dozens of others aboard the 1877 sailing ship Elissa to rendezvous with the Texas as it came over the horizon offshore of this island city. "It was such a wonderful contrast, to see all the sails up on the Elissa and a brand new Navy submarine coming up on our stern."

The three-masted, 202-foot Elissa led the 377-foot submarine into Galveston's harbor.

USS Texas Capt. John Litherland clearly was moved at being met by the iron sailing ship in which his seafaring predecessors had braved all the dangers the sea could throw at them.

"The greeting was wonderful," Litherland said. "Elissa looked beautiful out there. I've never had a chance to sail in the company of a tall ship before, so it was a dream come true for me. She popped the sails a couple of miles in front of us and it was a glorious sight."
The Elissa, aside from being a beautiful ship, lends her name to one of my favorite beers, the India Pale Ale produced by the well-regarded, local Saint Arnold Brewing Company, who donate part of the proceeds from its sale to the preservation of the ship.

You can read more about the tall ship Elissa here and about the PCU Texas here and here.

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At 10:30 AM, Blogger Old Gary said...

In the link to the PCU Texas story the COB is named as CMDCM(SS) Brooks.

Since I've been out of the service for many years, could someone tell me what CMDCM means? I know it is E-9 but CMD must be a new rating, or else I'm getting senile.

Old Gary, ex-YN2(SS)


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