Monday, November 13, 2006

The Chinese Subs are Coming!

Reaction to the Bill Gertz story on a Chinese submarine intrusion comes with degree of bias from Submarine Bloggers and others in our community. Was the Intrusion into the Kitty Hawk battle group really a big deal? Does Bill Gertz have a lack of knowledge in current US Navy and submarine operating strategies to sound a alarm? I guess it all depends on your reference point. Bill Gertz has been the modern day Paul Revere on China’s military preparedness for some time now. With the release of his book The China Threat, he laid out a potential plot for Communist China’s ability to threaten the United States with military force. Presently, China’s ability to confront America’s Naval superiority would result in severe devastation to the PLA Navy. But how long will this superiority last? I think that is more of the point of were Gertz is going with his recent article.

China has a shared power structure between its military and its communist although very capitalist minded civilian government. They exist in a harmony that encourages the growth of both of their agendas. China’s one way trade policies with the U.S. have not only encouraged a economic benefit for both countries, but have also given the Chinese a unprecedented access to U.S. technologies. Because of this, China’s military spy net is now vast and has been cast into all levels of our society.

Chinese spies had open door to Oval Office
China spies and war games
Revving Up the China Threat
FBI sees big threat from Chinese spies
Four arrests linked to Chinese spy ring

Our open trade policies with China which translates to low priced goods for American consumers has made it easy for China to set up illegitimate companies or fronts for covert operations. China has also benefited from our off the shelf technology in computers, networks and communications. The U.S. has been the leader in the development and use of these advanced technologies which have both civilian and military uses. Couple this with the examples above and its safe to say that China is doing their home work and preparing for something. Ex-operatives from the Soviet Union only wish they had it this good during the Cold War.

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At 12:08 AM, Blogger Vigilis said...

Very nice post. China has two great military advantages over the U.S., and you covered one well. The other is China's natural immunity from political shifts every two to four years. China can stay focused on longer term (30-year objectives are not uncommon) projects with relative ease and seems to achieve nearly all of them.

To make matters even worse, China has been a major contributor to one of our presidential candidates (you know the one) and may be again.

The U.S. hopes to contain China with a tenuous, long-term policy that goes something like this:

As it population becomes more consumer-oriented, westernized China will eventually encounter some tough choices between continued military and domestic spending (guns or rice). The U.S. is banking on domestic spending being the big winner in China to avoid revolution.

In the meantime a lot of spying seems to take place as you say and U.S. security could be jeopardized before China must make the guns/rice decision.

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Cookie..... said...

First off...when I first read this little tid bit about the Chinese sub it scared the shit right outta me for our sailors welfare...

I can just imagine the wet spot that musta appeared on the front of the smiling sub skippers pants as he willfully surfaced within five miles of an unsuspecting fleet..


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