Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veteran's Day

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Today we commemorate Veteran's Day (though the actual date of Veteran's Day is tomorrow, 11/11). The U.S. Marine Corps also celebrates it's birthday today, as would Marine Corporal Jason Dunham of Scio, New York. He would have been 25.

Corporal Dunham was involved in a hand-to-hand fight with an occupant of an automobile leaving the scene of an attack on a Marine convoy. The other individual tossed out a grenade, and Corporal Dunham, in an effort to save his fellow Marines, covered the grenade with his helmet and himself. His efforts were successful, as his fellow troops were saved, but Corporal Dunham gave his life in his selfless act.

It's only fitting then that on the day that marks not only his birthday, but the anniversary of the creation of the Marine Corps and the day we set aside to honor veterans, that President Bush posthumously awarded Corporal Jason Dunham, USMC, the Medal Of Honor.

Let's remember not only Corporal Dunham's sacrifice, but the sacrifice of all veterans on this day. Views of various wars and policy decisions aside, our veterans have, for over two centuries, paid a price we can never repay to preserve our freedom.

Let's not forget that.

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