Sunday, December 24, 2006

Submarine Blogger In The News

Eric from The Sub Report got written up (in a good way) in the Florida Today for his outstanding web site. Excerpts:
A knack for news and Internet research, as well as a background in the Navy, prompted a local man to design a Web site for anyone interested in submarine news from around the world.
A former missile technician and missile-test launch supervisor, Eric Ryle was in the Navy until 1998...
...“The submarine community is small so there’s a real brotherhood,” Ryle said. “I saw there were a lot of military bloggers, but not a lot of submarine bloggers, so I started a Drudge-like web site where I have links to submarine news. The news comes mainly from the United States, but I’m also able to find links from foreign sites.”
Ryle adds between five and 30 posts a day, depending on what he can find. While a large majority of the news are from home, he often finds news from Russia, Japan, England, Australia, Germany and Spain.
It's a pretty good article, notwithstanding the omission of the websites name or URL. Congratulations, Eric!


At 1:40 PM, Blogger Boomer Rider said...

Good for Eric. He's done outstanding work on behalf of the submarine community.


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