Thursday, April 26, 2007

Submariner DUIs and the "Safe Ride" Program

Jonah posts on submariner DUIs and the "Safe Ride" initiative over at over at NRO's Corner--and (if you follow the link and scroll down) gets several responses from submariners:

I'm sure submariner duty is tough, but this does raise questions about all the subs that didn't win the award:

SILVERDALE, Wash. (NNS) — USS Nebraska (SSBN 739) (Blue) received an award from Submarine Group 9 on April 20 for having no violations involving driving under the influence (DUI) in the past two years.
“I think it’s great we got this award,” said Information Systems Technician 3rd Class (SS) Eddie Rich from Nebraska's radio division. “A lot of other commands are having problems with being DUI-free, but we are supporting each other to keep it that way.”
Nebraska leadership puts out the word about the “Safe Ride” program, which provides a hotline Sailors can call to get a ride in a duty vehicle from anywhere in the region if they have been drinking. The command's approach is to remind the crew to drink responsibly and provide an option like “Safe Ride” to get home safe.
A lot of Nebraska chiefs also have made their own phone numbers available if a Nebraska Sailor needs a way home, with no questions asked.


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