Saturday, June 04, 2005

sea stories

rob's done a great job getting this sea story thing rolling. and i have to admit i'm in basically the same mode as our idaho spud. rather than copy and post, i'll just drop a few links to some of my previous submarine no-shitters from my blog

remember your first dive? here's what i remember of my first underwater experience.
a taste:
walking onboard my boat for the first time filled me with the most amazing sense of wonder. well, wondering how the hell i'm going to learn all these pipes and valves and machines, actually. the boat had a stink that can't be described other than using brownie's "fart in an oilcan", one of his favorite phrases.

and here are some random submarine memories.

a post about submarine audio files. there are some great WWII audio files concerning a submarine torpedo attack, taken from a wire spool recorder in the conn during the approach. gives me goose bumps.

a couple of pictures from my punching holes in the ocean days.
engaging in one of my favorite activities

my take on the levels of readiness between the "old school" and "new school". i read a big article about the retiring head of naval reactors, and in it he stated it was one of his missions to reduce the number of academic drops from the nuke pipeline. pure crazy if you ask me. there was a reason it was so demanding. submarining is not for the faint or weak of heart. or for the second slowest thinker in two counties.

and finally, a link to my post about submarine hijinks.

there, that should keep you newbies busy for a while. in the meantime, i'll try to think of something meaningful to say.


At 10:31 PM, Blogger Robert Schumacher said...

Sadly, the nuke pipeline (and from what I hear from my coner pals the sub school pipeline as well) has morphed from a filter to a pump in recent years. And on the waterfronts it's showing, in ways I'm sure all you fellow fish wearers can imagine...


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