Friday, June 03, 2005

Russo-Japanese Sub Disposal

A thrilling sea story of submariner daring this story is not, but it does give me the chance to use the word "Russo", which is always cool. Anyway, according to the story:
The Russian-Japanese executive agreement on the disposal of nuclear submarines may be signed before the end of 2005, RIA Novosti was told at the Federal Atomic Energy Agency (Rosatom) on Thursday.

Disposal contracts may also be concluded before the year's end.

The decision to sign the agreement was taken last January at the 24th session of the board of the committee for cooperation in assisting the destruction of Russian nuclear weapons to be reduced, for the disposal of nuclear submarines removed from the inventories of the Russian Far Eastern nuclear submarine fleet.

Russia and Japan have agreed upon cooperation in disposing of three Viktor-III nuclear submarines, one Viktor-I submarine and one Charley submarine, leaving the inventories of the Russian naval fleet in the Far East,

At the present time, four Viktor submarines are near Vladivostok and the Charley submarine in Kamchatka.

"The total cost of the Russian-Japanese nuclear submarine disposal project is over $30 million," said the Rosatom spokesman.

Um, does that $30 million figure look, well, kinda low to anybody but me? I mean, you'd think that the Japanese would know that the Russians are in desperate need of assistance in disposing of their nuclear assets--I would expect a much more exorbitant fee than a cool $30 mill. That's only $6 million per boat! Hell's bells, all of us here at "Ultraquiet No More" could get together and put in a bid to top this!



At 10:59 PM, Blogger Vigilis said...

The cost to whom is $30 million? How much have we given Russia to help? Russia is paying only $30 million, perhaps and absorbing the rest against its own costs. The latter could be significant, but how formal are large contracts in Russia these days?


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