Tuesday, May 31, 2005

San Francisco Drydocked

Originally posted 1126 26 Jan:

According to this report from KUAM, USS San Francisco (SSN-711) entered drydock in Guam today for an inspection. They had to do a one-time certification for the drydock to handle submarines, probably one of the ones mentioned at the bottom of this article. I doubt the Navy will be eager to release pictures of the damage when she is in drydock, but may do so if deemed expedient from a public relations perspective.

Speaking of pictures, one that I discussed in my entry here is also available for download on the NavSource Online San Francisco page. Other pics of the boat are also available there, including an interesting one that may be of the GRP sonar dome that was removed from the boat (although it looks like it might be a little small, diameter-wise, to be that).

Staying at PD...

Update: From Ron Martini's Submarine BBS, here's a link to a picture of the drydock the San Fran is apparently in.

Update 0122 27 Jan: This report from KUAM Guam says the Navy has released a video of the San Francisco in drydock, showing the damage to the bow. I haven't found a link to the video yet, but I'll post it when I find it.

Bell-ringer 0811 27 Jan: From the comments -- link to video: kuam.com, click on webstreaming, click on 27 january news, and watch the newscast. The video is well into the newscast, about the 3 or 4th story.


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