Sunday, June 12, 2005

Another Look Forward and Back

(1) Cost, yes, but the not so obvious advantage of reduced force size (with U.S. submariness of significantly greater flexibility and endurance) is added stealth. That could be tremendous to forward positioning in areas such as the South China Sea. It will require a radically different playing of today's submarine "shell game." Subs could eventually be deployed much longer (over a year?), rotating smaller crews and provisioning as necessary via a submerged tender (mother sub in each theatre) while SUBMERGED. Yes, it may be more practical for DSRV-type subs to ferry between the mother sub and the patrolling SSN/GN/XN. Originally, Seawolf (SSN-575) performed submerged endurance research later utilized in our early space program. Now, with tables turned; modern space research is available for military submarine utilization.

(2) The brandy ration a few of us received was extremely rare to my, limited knowledge. But on submarines, limited knowledge was the norm. The mini bottle was sent to a few of us from the CO via a steward before we hit port after what the captain considered stalwart endurance of uncomforting weather during a topside, underway "experience." The sea state was not that bad, but it was lengthy, cold and needless, to say, very, very wet. The bottle was a mini-bottle like that served (until recently in SC and on airlines). One exception: the label had its own Federal Stock Number (used until 1972) printed on it. Saved the bottle until it finally got lost in an intracontinental move. If it were not for "Ultraquiet No More", probably never would have remembered that little item!


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