Friday, June 17, 2005

Israel's Anti-Dinghy/Frogman Floating Sea Fence

Quoting the Jerusalem Post, Aljazeera said the sea barrier's first 100m (ed. 150) will consist of cement pilings buried into the sandy bottom and the structure will extend another 800m in the form of a 1.8m-deep fence floating beneath the surface.

The fence is to prevent terrorist incursions from small craft and Palestinian frogmen after the loss of surveillance systems at the Tel Ridan base on the beach south of Gaza City when the IDF pulls out of Gaza this summer.

Obviously, early-warning transmitters will be emplaced to monitor fence integrity. The sea fence is cheaper than the blimp solution used during WWII to protect US shipping from German subs, but impractical for protecting an area the size of Norfolk.


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