Monday, June 13, 2005

Greenpeace protest yacht Vega approaches US Sub

Monday, June 13, 2005. The Greenpeace protest yacht Vega recently approached a US Submarine in Brisbane Australia and attempted to extract classified information. In an Australian Broadcasting Corporation Online News article "Greenpeace protest ship moors in Brisbane" comes the following a conversation with Spokesman and deckhand Ben Morrow of Greenpeace :

Mr Morrow says the US military should declare whether submarines travelling in Australian waters have a nuclear capacity.

"For instance, there was a nuclear-powered submarine in Brisbane yesterday and we sailed up to that and asked them if they had any nuclear weapons on board," he said.

"Of course the US [neither] confirms nor denies the presence of nuclear weapons, thereby removing our knowledge of the situation."

Of course if Mr Morrow asked the same question of a Navy tug he would have got the same answer, but he did ask and so created a news item for Greenpeace.

The Australian has a little more on related Greenpeace activity "Protests 'a result of US influence" in eastern Australia.

The US Navy knows it has to be wary of Greenpeace, one of their know protest tactics is Sailormongering, for which they were charged in 2002.


At 12:16 AM, Blogger Vigilis said...

Ah, Greenpeace. Spoiled grownups using a sustainable, non-nuclear earth as their excuse for sailing. What about the natural nuclear reactors at Oklo? (Discussed in my April 8 blog "U.S. Benchmarks Africa for Most Forward Looking Project Ever") - Selective information flow is an unscientific fad, especially when "scientists" practice it.
Perhaps they should convince more Scandanavians first...Norwegian Whale Meat Recipe:


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