Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Who's in Control?

Seeing how I do most of my posting at night and that I was a forward type this photo brings back memories.
Rig for red in control (Photo Source: US Navy)

So the drill is we blog about past and current events of the Submarine Service and industry and we don't have to wear an EAB in the process. I'm in, do I have to set my clock to Zulu time?

Submarine launching old ways and new (Source: US Navy Photo)

I'm privileged to be included in the launching of this new blog about submarines. Bubblehead, Bothehook, WillyShake among others put out some great reading on the topic. I hope that what I can add to this endeavor meets the requisite milspec.

Historical quote

"The Navy doesn't like submarines because there's no deck to strut on" - John P. Holland 1887


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