Friday, July 22, 2005

Iran’s Kilo Class Will Launch Cruise Missiles

Via one of my favorite lawyers, EagleSpeak, comes a report from Strategy Page that Russia will upgrade Iran’s three Kilo class subs (bought in 1992-94) to launch SS-NX-27 Club-S cruise missiles. The Club-S has three versions, one for ship attacks, another for land based targets and a homing torpedo version for anti-submarine use. All versions weigh in at about a ton and are the same size as a 21 inch (533mm) torpedo. The anti-ship and land attack versions have a range of 220 and 300 kilometers respectively. The anti-sub version has a range of 50 kilometers. In addition to wiring the Iranian Kilos for the new missiles, there will be other upgrades and additions to equipment.

Russia sells new Kilos for about $200 million each (cheap). Kilos displace only 2,300 tons (surface) and are armed with 18 torpedoes (6 tubes). Crew complement is 57 comrades (although NAVET and QM could be combined). Very quiet, Kilos travel at least 700 kilometers down and very quietly at five kilometers an hour. Missiles (range of 300 kilometers) are launched underwater from torpedo tubes. The combination of quietness and cruise missiles is considered potentially dangerous to American carriers. As you may recall, 53 have been built so far, with most exported to Poland, Romania, Algeria, India, Iran and China.

UPDATE Jul 27, 2005: AP: Iran Achieves Solid Fuel Technology. The production of solid fuel makes missiles more durable, dramatically increasing their accuracy in reaching targets. Missiles using liquid fuel are short-lived.


At 9:31 AM, Blogger OSAPian said...

You guys have a great blog. Keep up the good work! Its scary enough to realize Iran is very close to being done developing its nukes and could launch them from mobile ground platforms. Its terrifying to contemplate the Mullahs going nuclear with improved Kilo class subs and cruise missles.


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