Thursday, August 11, 2005

Does This Sound Like Adm. Rickover?

Suppose you had never heard of the Father of the Nuclear Navy. Impossible, isn't it? Rickover retired from the Navy as a full admiral in 1982 and died at 86, less than four years later. If you admire veterans for their military service, you really have to admire Rickover, he gave his country 64 years of faithful service! In my book, the man was an incomparable, naval asset and an American patriot.

For fun, I fed his birthdate (January 27th) into an uncanny birthdate engine. Give it a try here for your own birthdate, or have a riot with other people's dates. Below, (emphasis mine) is what it produced:

Your birth on the 27th day of the month (9 energy) adds a tone of selflessness and humanitarianism to your life path. Certainly, you are one who can work very well with people, but at the same time you need a good bit of time to be by yourself to rest and meditate. There is a very humanistic and philanthropic approach in most of things that you do. This birthday helps you be broadminded, tolerant, generous and very cooperative. You are the type of person who uses persuasion rather than force to achieve your ends. You tend to be very sensitive to others' needs and feelings, and (sic. you) able to give much in the way of friendship without expecting a lot in return.

You may argue with me, but the highlights don't seem to fit very well Admiral Rickover's colorful caricature or comments I have heard from other admirals. You may be surprised, however, as I was. Humanistic and philanthropic: In 1983, Rickover founded the Center for Excellence in Education (CEE) with his longtime friend. Originally funded by a $250 speaking fee, Rickover and DiGennaro's lobbying quickly raised more money for the Center and its programs, launching the Research Science Institute in 1984, and the USA Biology Olympiad. I was impressed. And you?


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