Saturday, August 06, 2005

Looks like Russia really went out on a limb asking for help

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The AS-28's propeller got entangled in metal cords from the antenna of an electronic underwater monitoring station, part of Russia's coastal defences, during military exercises.

The structure enmeshing the vessel is itself weighed down on the bottom by two heavy anchors.

The first attempt early on Saturday to drag the mini-sub to shallow waters failed.

The coastal waters off Russia's far east have highly sensitive installations and there are suggestions the Russian military is not keen to have foreign navies getting so close to its secrets.

"This area is stuffed with secrets," Interfax news agency quoted retired Admiral Eduard Baltin, former Black Sea Fleet commander, said.

"It is home for strategic nuclear submarines."

Admiral Pepelyaev told RIA news agency earlier on Saturday that Russia could try to do without foreign help.

"There is no such need at the moment," he said, referring to the prospect of sending down US divers in special suits that allow them to go to great depths.

Well I am impressed now, to say the least. It is widely believed that military secrets are what kept Russia from asking for aid when Kursk went down in 2000. That they are willing to put those concerns aside and ask for help now...well, I didn't think they had it in 'em. Then again, there is the possibility that WillyShake pointed out, too, though I remain optimistic that they are indeed still alive down there. And that we'll get 'em out in time.


At 4:52 PM, Blogger PigBoatSailor said...

In that same article, I believe, another Russian official said that the international crews posed no real security risk, though, as there are already two US START compliance teams in the general area, and anything the rescue teams might see would have been seen long before by the compliance teams.

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Chap said...

That would be the most likely reason why you'd have a minisub with manipulators in that area in the first place, eh?


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