Saturday, August 06, 2005

As I wait anxiously...

...for news about the rescue of the men aboard the AS-28 Pris mini-sub, my mind has wandered--perhaps selfishly, to my experiences and those of my fellow sub bloggers.

To my fellow submariners: I'm wondering if any of you have had experience with being caught in fishing nets? Given the contours of the Atlantic continental shelf near Norfolk, VA, the line of fishing vessels was well within the range at which we had already surfaced, and though a hazard of a different kind (God, how I hated "running the gap" on the surface), it presented no problem to submerged ops. Not that such accidents can only happen there, of course, but you see my point. Do tell.

I don't wish to make this dire crisis about me or our submarine experiences, but I do want to express the chilling dread that I feel for these men--and it is rooted in two experiences of my own. One in which we were "stuck" several hundred feet underwater. And one in which we nearly hit the bottom. I've blogged about them here on my blog, "Unconsidered Trifles".

Like Rob's post below, I'd be interested in hearing where your mind has wandered to as these events unfold.

May God be with the rescue teams and the men trapped on board.


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