Saturday, August 06, 2005

Ghost Fishing Nets – revisited

Back in May I had posted about NOAA conducting research into finding and tracking lost or abandoned commercial fishing gear, Ghost Nets – silent curtains of death. With the current rescue effort on going for the Russian AS-28 Pris mini-sub and WillyShake’s inquiry in the pervious post below "As I wait anxiously..." I thought it would be appropriate to link to My blog's previous post. The circumstances the AS-28 found itself are that the low powered mini-sub was initially caught in a fishing net and then fouled the prop in a steel cable. (Update: See Vigilis post above "Russian Deception")

Common type Trawler fishing (Source: NOAA)

Although ghost nets are principally an environmental problem, they do affect all things that navigate the oceans depths including submarines.


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Very apt--thanks, Lubber!


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