Friday, August 12, 2005

Russia marks Kursk five years on

Five years later, and barely a week after another stranded sub (that thankfully made it back up). And Priz's being trapped below last week made the memories of Kursk all the more painful...and brought out something that stings even deeper by it's absence:

The rescue of a Russian mini-submarine trapped on the Pacific floor last week brought back painful memories.

In this case, UK rescuers arrived in time to free the submarine with a remote-controlled robot before the seven crew ran out of air.

But questions were raised as to why, five years on from the Kursk, Russia still has no modern deep-sea rescue equipment.

Something I think would be a must if you are operating subs. Something I'd think your submariners would demand.

Something that is still conspicuously absent in the Russian submarine force...rescue capability.


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