Thursday, September 01, 2005

21st Century SSN-21 ("SEAWOLF CLASS") Dolphins

Commander Steve Jones, USN (Retired) of the award winning, Worldwide Submarine Insignia web site has this to say about the images above (February 19, 2001):

By the letter of the law they are even legal for uniform wear by active duty folks. The old SSN dolphins are illegal because the sub is bow-on. Navy specs call for a starboard angle on the bow sub which this pin qualifies for. And even if your CO or XO tells you they don't want you wearing them, they are pretty cool to own.

For insignia collectors they are cool to own, and I do (but of course, I have Disney pins and the infamous Nigerian submarine insignia, too). For anyone who has never visited Steve's web site, you are missing loads of submarine insignia imagery from around the world, not to mention historical and current fleet information. Steve tends to get upset when silly Ebayers bid ridiculous amounts for items available for a fraction of what they paid. He features his own collections (which you cannot buy) and gives some sound advice on building your own intelligently, and spotting fakes.

Need international contacts? The submarine brotherhood is truly international.

There are probably a few items you never knew.


At 4:27 AM, Blogger WillyShake said...

I thought the old SSN dolphins also had a starboard aspect? Are we talking about the same ones--i.e. the ones I used to wear? *confused*

Now, hmmm, would I dig this or not? Though generally a curmudgeon about such things, I think that I would tack them on if my command gave the royal okey-dokey.

Got to think more about that, though ... it is a rather startlingly *important* matter!

At 7:00 PM, Blogger Vigilis said...

Willyshake, good point. You are certainly correct. The usual 'bow on' dolphins we are familiar with have an angle on the bow that is barely discernable to starboard from a viewing distance of only a few paces. They are legal for uniform wear.

The perspective of the new, Seawolf dolphins, however, is a more unmistakable, starboard angle on the bow (perhaps 70-75 degrees).

There have been few dolphins with port AOBs and they were considered illegal to wear, obviously. Maybe that is what Jones was thinking. I will try to contact him.

President Carter, by the way, wore 'deep wave' style dolphins during his submarine service.


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