Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Anniversary of first successful submarine attack

I can't believe a Canadian is the first to post this, but it's the 229th anniversary of the first successful submarine attack.

On 06 Sept 1776, the Continental Army's American Turtle attacked the RN's flagship HMS Eagle off New York harbour. The first submariner, Sgt Ezra Lee unsuccessfully attempted to attach an explosive charge to the hull of the HMS Eagle.

He was then spotted by the ships company, and detonated his charge in a valiant attempt to scare the pants off the pursuing skimmers. He was successful in that they at least stopped pursuing. Their pants situation is unknown, to this day.

Sgt. Lee's attack was unsuccessful in actually sinking the ship, but it did force the RN to move their fleet. It therefore accomplished the mission of Mahanian Sea Denial, and was a success. More importantly, Sgt. Lee's attack made the skimmers run away, and exposed them to their rightful ridicule. More could not be asked of any man.


At 3:07 PM, Blogger Vigilis said...

D/s, The only reason the Army does not command submarines today is that their reputation with nuclear power plant operation leaves something to be desired.

HANNAH, first ship of George Washington's Navy, was a schooner commanded by Continental Army Capt. Nicholas Broughton.

There has been recent discussion of a move to diesel subs. This is no doubt a crafty ploy started by Army brass. Wonder if Gen. Robert E. Lee was Ezra Lee's descendant?


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