Saturday, November 05, 2005

Outnumbered AND Compromised?

Not so long ago, I noted with great concern that we are allowing our navy to shrink rapidly, during a time when China is feverishly building up its own. At the time, there was also a strong possibility that we were going to close a submarine base and a naval shipyard, both in New England, costing our nation part of its submarine-building infrastructure. The good news is that both were spared.

The bad news is that China's espionage efforts in America seem to have paid off handsomely in the realm of naval technology in general and in submarine technology in particular. Via Matt Drudge and Four Knots to Nowhere, Bill Gertz reports the devastating news in the Washington Times.

[Read more here. Links relate in more detail topics such as the Chinese capability to invade Taiwan, the scope of its espionage efforts in America, and the projected size of the American Navy.]

-- CAV


At 12:00 PM, Blogger Vigilis said...

CAV, in my humble opinion China has two formidable advantages over the U.S. - (1) consistent politics (no potential flip-flops every 4 years), and (2) centuries of successful espionage experience.

In turn, we have a greater advantage over the PRC - economics (and true, the huge trade gap will remain in their favor as it grows), but China will soon be faced with a myriad of economic challenges pitting its military buildup (and ongoing maintenance) against unprecedented social needs. There will be a water shortage (crops), disease (HIV, etc), and infrastructural strains. China is huge and wealthier than ever, but it is also inexperienced in nuturing capitalism to assure it remains healthy.

We must be prepared militarily to defend Taiwan, Mexico, Canada and South America from elements within China who seek imperialism, and to make sure the cost of Chinese expansion in our direction would be prohibitive.

At 1:50 PM, Blogger Gus Van Horn said...


China is very hard to figure out because it is expanding its capabilities so rapidly while also facing some big threats to its own stability, including the ones you point out.

We can't control what happens there, but we can and should strengthen our own naval capabilities and come to grips with this huge espionage problem.



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