Friday, January 27, 2006

German Sub Runs Aground, Rescue Planned

Via The Sub Report:

Germany's U-15, a Type 206A-class diesel-electric submarine, has hit bottom in Eckernfoerde Bay in the Baltic Sea, as she was returning to base.

No injuries are reported among her 22 crewmembers, and a rescue mission is being planned out of the submarine base.

I will update as details become available. For the latest news on this story, check The Sub Report and Ultraquiet No More regularly throughout the day today.

Update: Confirmation of the incident at Der Spiegel:

Here's the rough translation:
Submarine sticks in the Baltic Sea

The German submarine "U-15" ran in the Baltic Sea due to. Still in the night the boat is to be free-dragged.
Eckernfoerde - like the fleet command in the evening communicated, nobody was hurt. The ship was on a submerged operation and with the darkness of about 150 meters before the south bank of the bay on sand ran. Tractors want to release the submarine as fast as possible.
The story is dated yesterday (presumably last night). More info as it becomes available...

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