Monday, January 23, 2006

Submarine Badge Alert: Swedish Fakes

Alert from Pär Flyghed:

"[A seller on] ... e-bay is trying to push false Swedish submarine badges. I asume it would be ok if he said that they where replicas but the imposter claims that the badges are 100% authentic. I don´t know how it is in the States but in Europe that is a federal crime.

The badges are well done but with small remarks if you know what to look for. ...I haven´t seen any of the badges back side but one thing to look for is the mark of the manufacturor "Sporrong" at the back side. The authentic Swedish badges also have a very special back side. (Looks like fish scales)

One other thing that tells me that this person is a imposter is the price. No Swedish officer or crew member would let his treasure go for that price ($25) I can ensure you that. And the fact that all types of badges was for sale is another thing.

Please spread the word to all you know! I am pretty sure that this person will try to sell more of them."
Molten Eagle notes P.F.'s warning is consistent with Prichard's Submarine Badges and Insignia of the World, 1997. (see SWD-2me, above). Just checked and there are four of these currently listed on Ebay. (The one acquired several years ago when building my own collection was authentic, I just checked, because I am not an expert, myself. Any Swede Navy types, comments welcomed).

The first submarine in Sweden's naval service was completed in 1904, when the HAJEN was launched. Sweden has operated 25 different classes of submarines since, designimg and building 80 percent of them. As we have read at UQNM, they offer their submarines for export and one has been conducting joint exercises with our Pacific Fleet.

As noted by CDR Steve Jones in his Worldwide Submarine Insignia, some of the badges are serialized on the back while some are not. The pin is issued six months after a new officer has successfully completed his qualificaton/education in submarines.


At 6:30 AM, Blogger a11 submarine said...

I can assure that both versions are genuine. The "ebay-version" being a more modern, let's call it easy-to-manufacture, type - worn by todays' submariners. Seems PF hasn't been around in our service for a longer period. Though the 'Sporrongs' remark might be more appropriate.

At 3:59 PM, Blogger a11 submarine said...

Have to explain more;
The shark badge with fish scale is the original one. The first one earnt is a numbered one.
It was followed (as told above) by the non-fish-scale variant. The first one earnt is a numbered one.
Subsequent ones (for wearing on other uniforms) are _not_ numbered, still as genuine as all the other. Selling badges without the personal number for $25 is a rip-off, they are much cheaper than that. The numbered ones will likely not be sold - unless it belongs to a heart-broken individual resigning fropm submarine duty due to relocation of the submarine flotilla from Stockholm to Karlskrona.
Still the 'Sporrong mark' is on every badge handed out.
Sorry to say - but i think PF hasn't informed himself before sending warnings.

At 2:49 PM, Blogger Vigilis said...

Thanks for filling the gap, A11.

At 8:20 PM, Blogger 1sub said...

Not sure where a11 submarine has his information. I have contacted two ex Swedish submariners and the Swedish Naval Attache in Washington DC. All say that only the Sporrong marked badges are the official uniform badge.
I've collected submarine badges for years and still don't have one. Yes real ones come up for sale occassionally, but much more than I am willing to pay for them. Swedish submariners do not part with their hard earned insignia lightly.

At 7:47 AM, Blogger Subswap said...

Just like to say that a11 is spot on. A Swedish submarine came in to Faslane and I managed to get the Captains sharks and the two pictured on this blog. So I would say that they were genuine.

By the way if you collect Sub badges check my site

At 4:26 AM, Blogger PF said...

Ok Fellas! Here it is.
I have read at your conversation and it looks that you have got it all wrong (or I maybe have not been that clear). There is only one shark model that is official. It looks like the shark for sale at e-bay. It comes in bronze, silver, gold and gold with color. The left picture, from the book, is the obsolete sharks. The are nowdays VERY rare.
The official ones are made by "Sporrong" here in Sweden and it was theese badges that now are fanufactured as fakes in Singapore. The front looks exactly the same. The fake badges has NOTHING to do with the striped obsolete badges. So please keep the two badges apart in the future...
Do you all follow???


At 11:39 AM, Blogger PolishSub said...

I totaly agree with Par and understand his frustration but......
for me as a collector as well as for other collectors it's the only option just to go to ebay and buy it. Even if the guy makes huge profit by selling them and I'm sure he is it still doesn't make any difference to me since he is the only source for swedish submarine badges available to everyone. Besides since swedish badges are so rare in order to get an oryginal version I'd have to offer something equal in value which I'm sure will be much more expensive than thes fakes from ebay.


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